Are Your iPhones, iPads, Mobile Devices and Laptop Computers Making You Sick?

emf protectionDid you know that our modern day devices that we use everyday like mobile phones, laptop computers and devices like iPads all expose you, your family and friends to radiation that can make you and them sick, very sick?

It’s true, well proven and can make you sick in many ways that can leave you wondering what’s wrong with you and even your doctor won’t know why your having un diagnosable health problems.

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This radiation in called EMF radiation or (electromagnetic frequency) and it comes from really anything electrical but that’s not really the biggest problem, the biggest problem is that while we as humans can tolerate a small amount of this EMF radiation the amount that we are all now exposed to is far greater than ever in history, in fact hundreds of millions of times more EMF Radiation thanks to our modern way of life using all sorts of mobile and electrical devices in a highly populated world where everybody is exposed to these very high levels of radiation.

EMF radiation affects your health in many negative ways but of the most concerning are brain tumours, cancer, depression, anxiety and insomnia.  Other negative effects may also include headaches, irritability, poor memory, sexual difficulties and even night terrors.

Ever felt like your over stressed or you just can’t switch off?  One the main affects of EMF radiation is that it robs our bodies of a chemical called melatonin which is an essential hormone that everybody needs for proper sleep.

The good news is there are very easy and effective ways to naturally get protection from EMF radiation.

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Are You “Electro-Sensitive”?

Are you more sensitive to EMF radiation than others?  Many times people are feeling more stressed in life and while this can have a lot to do with a busy life style a lot of people are now finding that they are “electro-sensitive”, this means that they have an increased sensitivity to EMF Radiation or electromagnetic fields which make living in our modern world much harder for these people to live a normal life.

Have you ever noticed how things can seem so much more relaxed when you say take a trip in the country or get a long way from modern electrical technology?  There is a very good and proven reason for this and while just getting away from it all does help to unwind an electro-sensitive person will feel a big difference in the level of stress that they are constantly feeling while being subject to EMF Radiation.

The good news is there are very easy and effective ways to naturally get protection from EMF radiation and still be able to live in a modern world.

Special devices that provide emf protection in all types of situations are proving to be highly valuable to the wellbeing of thousands of people who have only recently become aware of the invisible threat to their health called EMF radiation.

These emf protection devices can be separated into 3 categories to protect people health from EMF Radiation and these include emf protection for the home and office, emf protection for mobile devices and personal emf protection.

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