EMF shielding – An honest review of how to protect your family’s health from everyday radiation

EMF Review Results:

Note: EMF = Electromagnetic Frequency And EMR = Electromagnetic Radiation And RF radiation = radio frequency – These devices rated best protection from all…

EMF Shielding EMF Protection Home And Office

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shieldite pendant emf shielding and protection

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Phone Radiation Protection

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The EMF Shielding Review:

Now first, I want you to be completely clear that I searched high and low to evaluate the top shielding devices on the market today and I was really looking to ensure 2 really important things that would make my final decision of which devices offered the safest way to protect yourself from emf radiation and electromagnetic fields while at the same time offered the most natural and “health friendly” way to get the most effective electromagnetic protection.

Here is what I looked at:

The companies:
I first look at the top companies that were selling electromagnetic protection in general, that included overall radiation shielding that included protection using shielding materials for your home, work place, car and then I looked at companies that offered a personal protection device that you could wear as a type of stylish jewellery for everyday radiation protection and then finally I looked specially at cell phone protection devices.

I was also very interested to ensure that the company/s was serious about their product in that they were specialists in the field of getting the right emf shielding and not just selling the products because they could. And I wanted to make sure that they were in the business of offering a guarantee that their protection shield/s worked and they offered a money back guarantee to protect the buyer (me and you).

The products:
The products I looked at varied greatly, as you may know there are lots of magnetic shielding materials and products in today’s market place so it wasn’t an easy task. What I found was that there was many different ways that the products worked to shield from emf and radio frequency rf including low frequency and radio frequency , what I mean by that is that some used your household power point to earth out emf radiation while others used crystals and metallic objects to clean the energy around you.

In deciding on the best shielding protection I broke them up by researching the best for:

  • How effective they are
  • How convenient they were to use every day
  • How stylish they were (for the personal protection device that you wear and or have in your house)
  • How much they cost for the value added to our health
  • Do they add value to the planet (are they a natural solution)
  • How they actually improved my health (the well being aspect)
  • And finally I put an emphasis on cell phone radiation protection given the massive amount of cell phone emf in the world today.

Here is what I found:
Once I established my ground rules as above the solution came a lot easier than the work leading up to the decision because with these strong ground rules I would be able to ensure that I provided myself and my family with:

  • the best electromagnetic protection, the type of protection that is sure to offer the best electromagnetic field protection from all types of emf in our environment
  • That is proven to work
  • Is a natural solution to improve my health
  • Didn’t cost too much
  • Was stylish so my wife would like using them
  • And best of all allowed me to get on with being able to live in a world full of electromagnetic radiation that was bringing me plenty of grief that I no longer has to worry about it anymore.

How I protect myself and my family now:

When I decided on the best devices to get protection with, (Finally!), I got myself and my wife a personal pendant each which would protect us from all types of emf including mobile phones, computers, power lines, cell phone towers etc etc and I got a couple of home protection devices so when we were at home we knew that all the energy in our house was radiation free.

One final tip is and this is because I can sometimes get lazy is that I also got a cell phone protection chip for our mobile phones and two extra personal pendants that I just leave one in the dash of each of our 2 cars.

Click here to see where I got my preferred emf shielding devices from.

I hope this has been of real help to you not having to do all the research yourself, let me know if I can help you any further!