Shieldite – What Is It?

Shieldite is a mineral that is very good at absorbing harmful EMF radiation.  You can find out how shieldite stacks up when it comes to emf protection here.

How Does Shieldite Work?

Shieldite has a unique ability to take the harmful electromagnetic fields created by electricity and convert them back into natural magnetic fields that resonates with the earths crust and our very own magnetic fields.

The shieldite captures harmful EMF’s in small moecules and seals these EMF’s inside the mineral until such time that the shieldite has contact with the earth or is grounded at which time the stored negative EMF is release and neutralized.

Shieldite And EMF Pendants

Shieldite is an ideal substance to use as a variety of EMF pendants and scalar pendants because they are very light weight and produce a powerful level of protection as can be seen in this video about emf pendants here.

Shieldite EMF pendants provide a number of health benefits in using the EMF pendants such as:

  1. Reduces pain and inflammation
  2. Enhances blood circulation
  3. Enhances the immune system
  4. Helps to protect DNA from damage
  5. Strengthens the body’s biofield
  6. Preventing harmful electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health
  7. Increases focus and concentration

The Shieldite Vs Other EMF Pendants

In our shieldite reviews we conducted this test, we took the most powerful known emf pendant and measured it against the shieldite and we found that the other pendant was actually really good however the shieldite was far more powerful in our testing, you can see the test video here.

Below is an example comparison or click here to get more details about the quality of the shieldite.

shieldite reviews

We also found that shieldite is a natural substance.  This is important because some emf pendants actually produce harmful substances as by products.  We recommend you do your homework before buy any EMF protection devices that aren’t natural.