EMF Pollution – 100 million times more electromagnetic field radiation than our grandparents had to cope with!

That figure, 100 million, to me explains a lot when I think about how sick the world has become and just how important emf shielding really is to anyone’s optimal health.

Can you imagine only 2 generations ago our grandparents lived without the need for protection from emf, and since that short period of time the world has added so much emf radiation that it is now 100 million times the exposure than before, it’s no wonder there is so many people wondering how they can best get emf protection when there is such a great amount of electromagnetic power.

So why so much?  One of the biggest suspicions around many health issues these days is cell phones, many people now are so much more aware of the need to use an emf shield to ensure cell phone radiation protection in a world where almost every middle class has one or more mobile phones that contribute dramatically to the problem.  In fact cell phone protection or emf protection devices is now one the most sort after products on the internet with more people getting educated on the need for electromagnetic protection against a load of major and even life threatening health problems.

But it doesn’t stop there, many people are now finding that because there is such great demand for electromagnetic shielding that many emf protectors including cell phone emf protection devices and general magnetic shielding products have hit the market with many of them leaving people wondering if their even doing anything at all to ensure radiation shielding. I believe that is a very fair question as more often than not there is always going to be those more interested in making a sale than offering real electromagnetic shielding that actually does benefit people’s health.

The good news is I take things like this very seriously and really do my homework because I know how long the real list of health problems really is that is coming from emf radiation and the need for a really powerful but also natural emf protection device to shield the emf pollution of our modern world.

Click here to discover more about the long list of health problems including the major sleeping disorders like insomnia and electro sensitive disorders and find out why through my extensive review of emf protection devices that I decided on the most powerful protection that was also a natural emf protection shield and a way to clean up your own personal energy including ridding yourself of negative emotions.

Thanks for listening; it has never been more important to educate yourself on this major health crisis affecting everyone and to really take action on getting the right emf shielding that will protect your health and improve you quality of life just like our grandparents would have experienced…”the good old days”.