About Me?

Hey Russell here,  Thanks for checking out my web page!

I am 37 years old and  have been making a full time income reviewing products online and I am in high demand because many companies value my perfectionist point of view.  I pride myself on providing visitors  to my websites with competently unbiased, honest and through reviews.

I have thus far reviewed the top 10 emf shielding and emf protection devices on the market and I initially began this process after discovering that a lot of my health problems where coming from electromagnetic radiation. I later found that through experience that not all emf protection devices worked and some worked better than others, so it was really important to me to find the best emf shield for my health.

I also feel strongly about being able to trust products that I buy for my health that work and so I believe in adding value to those that follow my reviews to ensure they are also getting the right benefits from their decisions in products related to their optimal health.  I feel that if I can help people change their health for the better in a world where many are getting sick then I have done my best in life.







Here’s a picture of myself and my wife in Sydney near where we live.