Cell Phone Radiation – Is It For Real?

If you’re not concerned about the effects of EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation) or your still on the fence so to speak, when it comes to using your mobile phone or cell phone without emf protection then many would say that you would have to have rocks in your head and if you think I’m talking about actual rocks just take a look at this video straight from the brain surgeons mouth who regularly finds life threatening brain tumours in people’s heads and how he finds they are caused directly from mobile phones and cell phone radiation.

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Mobile phones and cell phone radiation right now is one of the biggest concerns ever in history with now over a billion in the world being used every day and now many children and teenagers are using them for many hours every day exposing themselves to high radiation levels and increasing the risk substantially of brain cancer.

The main problem we have with phone radiation and our exposure to it is that people can’t actually see it and so people believe that the risk of radiation and cancer is really not a concern, but there is nothing like hindsight when you’re sitting in your doctor’s office being told that you have brain cancer, like so many other thousands of people every year are told and by then it is usually too late, while for the sake of less than $30, less than the price of the phone cover itself you can actually protect yourself from cell and mobile phone radiation, it’s really a no brainier if you’ll forgive my punt.

Electromagnetic Radiation And Phone Radiation

Naturally your body has a certain amount defense to be able to live with EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation) however the real question is how much?  While only about 100 years ago, radiation levels were 100 million times less than the exposure you are dealing with right now, today.

Brain Cancer from phone radiation is really only the beginning when you look at the scope of health concerns related to radiation levels from mobile phones……

Just consider the amount of research that has been conducted supporting the concerns around people’s health and phone radiation levels, such as cell phone use and low sperm quality, insomnia, night terrors in children, headaches, nausea, poor memory and concentration and many other listed and researched health concerns.

The truth is cell phones emit high radiation levels directly into your head and it has been scientifically proven that this does cause cancer in the brain.  One high profile medical doctor Dr. David Carpenter a dean of medicine has stated that 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure and now many children are being given cell phones by their parents who later blame themselves when they learn that they could have contributed to their own child’s illness or death by using a simple inexpensive device that harmonizes the harmful radiation.

Honestly if you are at all slightly concerned with your health or that of your family or kids, stop putting yourself and or your family at risk of phone radiation and get some easy to use emf protection devices to save the possible grief later in life.

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