Cell Phones And Your Health

cell phone healthOver the years, we have made many things to make our lives easier that it seems we cant live without them. Cell phones are one of them. If we take a little look around, every person is using a cell phone some even have more than one witch has introduced radiation cell phone health issues.

No matter what you’re doing or where or who you are, everyone is using cell phones! Right now the craze of using a cell phone is seen in colleges and institutes. But no one seems to know that these people are using those devices which create radiation in atmosphere.

The radiation in cell phone are one of those kinds of problems that continually create massive health issues in our daily life. Cell phone radiation affects our brains and stress levels producing a high level of radiation which can damage and cause many problems like cancer and brain tumors and this is now well proven.

Radiation from cell phones creates a field while you are talking on it as well as while is is picking up signals. This field creates a disturbance in the traveling of blood from your brain to rest of your body. This level of radiation can cause many people problems with their blood pressure. Radiation of cell phones can also causes of heart problems. The main reason behind this is that infected blood comes from your brain. This radiation from cell phone effected blood causes blockage in your heart arteries as they have a problem in pumping blood. Cell phone electromagnetic radiation also cause the bad effects of human health and this has also been well proven by the doctors that specialize in Cell phone electromagnetic radiation that cause the cancer and many other diseases of human body.

Prevention is always better than a cure although with issues like brain tumors and cancer, cures aren’t always and are quite rarely possible..

>>Remove Radiation From Your Phone<<

As this matter is moving toward a worse situation and cell phone companies aren’t looking into this problem. Getting protection from the radiation is very important and it’s also an individual responsibility.

In other words if your the type that cares about your health then you need to take measures that are designed to reduce the negative effect of those frequencies that comes from different towers and your cell phone.

So many companies have introduced scun soft wares which Reduce cell phone radiation. But the amount of phones in our population more than make up for any reduction made by the manufacturers.  The radiation in cell phones is now controlled by small chips used in the phone. These are cell phone radiation protections to a small degree.

These cell phone company’s scientist and engineers are now designing such chips which create such rays which neutralize radiation in cell phones to a small extent. They also have to cover their reputation of product in the market because if this situation will become worse, these companies will face legal and governmental obligations which are a huge effect on their markets but as usual most companies only do what they have to, to cover their buts which in this situation isn’t enough.

On the other hand, a new technology has introduced in the cell phones pool which is called  Wi-Fi. This is now again a huge radiation problem. This increases the radiation in a dual way as it brings more frequencies in cell phones by using external internet in cell phones radiation.

Wi-Fi has now increased the problem significantly and this radiation again takes a significant toll on your body and mind. If we take a closer look at your daily life and your exposure to the radiation from your cell phone and your work, you will quickly see that you are increasing the time you spend around and using products like cell phones that ultimately lead to increased radiation. It means that if we work and are constantly exposed to the radiation from cell phones, it reduces our efficiency, on the other hand we have the convenience of technology to make our work more efficient, so how do we have both?

 >Is It For Real?  Do Cell Phones Affect Your Health?<

As a matter of fact, it is now well proved that the radiation that comes from cell phones that can create our major mental problems. A view is made on these points that companies should make to dramatically reduced the radiation.

It means that those cell phones which cause less harm to our bodies while we are using cell phones. At this point is not only considerable but expensive for cell phone companies that they have to make new technologies and make amendments in their products.

But this decision is better than facing any legal obligations. If the radiation is not controlled, this may cause an increase in death rate of any country where people die due to a brain cancers.

With all new research and advanced technology, it is now well proved that the radiation of cell phones cause’s brain tumors which are a very big problem and doctors are seeing this more than ever in kids who use cell phones are dying from brain tumors.  The worst part is that it is very easy and inexpensive to get protection from the radiation that comes from mobile devices and cell phones.

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