EMF Warning For Parents, Teachers & Schools

EMF warning for parents and schoolsJust how safe are our kids in school when it comes to emf radiation?  A letter from Trent University by a Dr Magda Havas, B.Sc., Ph.D with the subject heading:

Re: Open Letter to Parents, Teachers, School Boards.
Regarding Wi-Fi Networks in Schools

Says among other things that:

3. CHILDREN’S SENSITIVITY: Children are more sensitive to environmental contaminants and that includes microwave radiation. The Stewart Report (2000) recommended that children not use cell phones except for emergencies. The cell phone exposes your head to microwave radiation.

A wireless computer (Wi-Fi) exposes your entire upper body and if you have the computer on your lap it exposes your reproductive organs as well.
Certainly this is not desirable, especially for younger children and teenagers. For this reason we need to discourage the use of wireless technology by children, especially in elementary schools. That does not mean that students cannot go on the Internet. It simply means that access to the Internet needs to be through wires rather than through the air (wireless, Wi-Fi).

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Protecting Our Children From EMF In Schools

It’s now an unfortunate fact that our children are exposed to high levels EMF (electromagnetic frequency) and Wi-fi in our schools and its not going to go away regardless of the countless experts who have demonstrated the risks of EMF exposure on children, this is why defense against EMF exposure is likely the only answer when it comes to protecting our children.

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