Emf Shielding Devices

emf shielding devices
Are there resources available to “harden” electronics against damaging ruptures women?

I heard about the army “hardening” or electronic protection against strong electromagnetic bursts of things like weapons EMC interference or solar flare. If such a thing exists, I wonder what would it take to protect something as simple as my electric cars system, my computer or your mp3 player or any electronic device cons outs fem.

You need to wrap electronics in a Faraday cage. This is a completely closed shield conductor is grounded. It grounds and avoid the impulse electromagentic of damaging what’s inside. For cables, use shielded nuclei and do not expose the connectors. I must ask whether, why? Consider yourself to be near a nuclear detonation device or you just messing with voltage pulse generators and coils Teslar??

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