Emf Protection Device

emf protection device I have a unique level of protection of consumer health products. How can I find investors?

I have created, developed and successfully introduced a unique level of consumption (EMF Electromagnetic Fields) radiation detection device and warning. The first a series of environmental products protection health. These emf protection devices allow users to identify hazards and take appropriate action protection measures. Easy to use, easy to understand, effective and affordable. There is virtually no competition for the EMF device through the world and the market is 500 million potential buyers. I offer you 45% of a new company and a profit sharing 50/50. Investment is 5 million dollars and turn around 3 years. The electromagnetic field detector and warning device may be on the world market of 6 to 8 months. I am now located in Germany and is in economic freefall. No capital “real” risk and no risk attitude. This consumption self-promotion products range level falls exactly in the field of welfare booming. Any help would be greatly appreciated and a 3% commission will be paid on success.

Seems too risky for venture capital. I would say a strategic partner – one that want to expand their current use of other health products.

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