EMF Kills 7 Billion Bees Destroying Your Immune System

emf kills beesAccording to a recent British study there are seven billion honey bees missing in Europe. It was assumed previously that pesticides and mono cultures were the cause for it however there is no evidence of dead bees which shows that they are going missing, so you now have to rethink the real cause for such a large amount of missing bees that account for one the most important parts of the global food chain.

In fact, science has proven that mobile phone EMF and other high frequency technology that produce EMF radiation is constantly destroying the immune system of bees.

This makes the bees disoriented to a point that they are no longer able to find their way home, when this happens bees are forced to die as a result.

If the EMF radiation produced from millions of mobile phones is enough to disorientate and kill 7 billion bees and this is because of the damage to their immune system, how much of an effect is this unseen radiation effecting the health of you, your family and your friends?

Its not difficult to see that one way or another EMF is playing a devastating role in damaging the life cycle of bees in great numbers, this alone is a great example of how much damage EMF is doing on the environment that we depend on to produce food.

If the EMF radiation isn’t controlled and or emf protection isn’t adopted by the majority then its fair to say that we can look forward to an epidemic of food shortages and increased health problems related to immune system problems.

The more people who use a simple EMF protection device for the phones and or their house, the better off we will all bee!