Earthcalm EMF Protection Review

earthcalm emf protection reviewEarthcalm is an emf protection product invented by Jean Gallick and while the science sounds reasonable we did find some concerns about how the products worked to provide emf protection.
Under the section of the website “What earthcalm products do” we found this statement that had us wondering is earthcalm the right way to get protection from electromagnetic frequencies?
It said:
“When you are either wearing an EarthCalm product or you’ve plugged one into your electricity or router, the resonance between your body and the earth’s electromagnetic field is tremendously strengthened“.

Earthcalm – How Does It Stack Up As EMF Protection?

Now, the above statement may sound like a good thing at first but two things really bothered us about this idea.  First, if you’re wearing an earthcalm pendant for example wouldn’t you want to balance the natural emf fields rather than make them stronger?  Our bodies resonate best with the earths magnetic field which is already in a natural balanced state, so it seems more reasonable to balance the field and or neutralize negative EMF radiation than to try and change the strength of the earths magnetic field using an earthcalm device.
The next thing that concerned us was that some eathcalm products actually contributed to the problem of excess EMF radiation simply because the products used electricity to be able to function.  This idea seemed counter intuitive to us at best.
That being said we have asked earthcalm to provide some of their products for a proper independent review however they were non responsive unless we paid for all of their products, which we noted are very expensive.

How To Balance EMF Naturally

It’s really important to understand that electromagnet fields are already naturally balanced by the earth it self, the problem is the man made electromagnetic fields that cause an imbalance so it makes perfect sense to take the excess man made EMF’s and neutralize these fields using the most natural means possible.

Other emf protection products that we have reviewed do an excellent job of cleaning up the negative excess EMF’s using natural processes that balance energy naturally while at the same time help your body to remain in balance with the natural earths magnetic field as nature intended.

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