Does EMF make you weak?

Imagine for a moment that your body is a machine that produces energy, which it does, that energy goes toward keeping our body running, it keeps us healthy, it keeps us strong physically and provides us with energy for all types of essential to life processes.

Now, imagine that while your body produces that energy, at the same time emf radiation is robbing that energy from you causing you to lack vital energy and this lack of vital energy can be proven with a simple test of strength.

Check out this video example that shows how EMF robs your body of vital energy that actually makes you physically weak…

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As you can see, by using the right type of emf shielding devices you can prevent emf radiation from robbing your energy and be able to regain your strength.

Physical weakness & Emf radiation

People can become physically weak for many reasons, more often than not feeling physically weak or fatigued is the result of lacking essential nutrients, this happens when the body’s requirements for certain nutrients goes up.

Radiation itself is a nutrient thief, when the body is constantly exposed to electromagnetic frequency waves from all electrical devices, your body normally has natural defenses and so it uses up nutrients to produce protective chemicals in your body that acts like a protective shielding.

Constant exposure to emf radiation on the other hand causes a constant demand on these protective chemicals which eventually depletes the underlying nutrients and this is when we start to become weaker both physically and mentally as a result of a lack of energy.

By protecting your body with an emf protection device you are protecting your energy and therefore your strength, you are preventing the excess demand on essential nutrients that can then be used to do other important things in the body that keep you healthy.

Amino acids & EMF weakness

Many people are unaware of amino acids and their importance for protecting against radiation, these are proteins and they are considered the building blocks of life.  Some essential amino acids are protective against EMF radiation and other types of radiation.  Most people have amino acid imbalances which causes them to have serious health problems.

Testing for amino acid imbalances combined with the use of emf protection devices can be a great way to restore many of the health problems that come with living in modern day society with high levels of emf exposure.