Shieldite – How Does It Stack Up?


Shieldite Independent Review

Ok, a lot of people have been writing and asking me to do an independent review on the “Shieldite” product that is yet another EMF protection product that has hit the market place and it’s an interesting one because people have been wanting to know, does it work to protect you from EMF radiation, is it a scam, how does it work etc so I personally contacted the company and got one of the products sent to me for evaluation.

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So, How Did The Shieldite Stack Up?  Here Are My Findings:

At first when I got the Shieldite in the mail my first impression was that it is extremely lightweight but I felt that it wasn’t really doing anything that I could tell at the time until I studied it further and found out why I couldn’t really tell if the Shieldite was cleaning my energy or protecting me from EMF pollution.

So at this stage I was suspicious of the substance and needed to look into it further.  Usually having come to understand and being quite sensitive to EMF myself I felt like the device wasn’t working or at best was somehow weak and perhaps not able to protect me and or my family from emf radiation until I learned that Shieldite comes from the earth and it needed to be grounded to clear out the negative energy that it had absorbed during it’s long flight from the US to Australia.

Having learned this I took the shieldite out to my garden and shoved it in the dirt for an hour or so although I have since learned that you only need 10 minutes or so every few days and it can be grounded on your kitchen tap because the plumbing goes into the earth.

The Shieldite Verdict:

Once I returned to my garden and pulled the shieldite out of the dirt I could literally feel that the device had in fact cleaned up and I could feel a calming effect from the device which I take as being protective from emf because I can tell the difference quite easily these days between being protected from EMF or not, this just comes from years of using EMF protections devices that do work.

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The Pros And Cons Of The Shieldite:


The shieldite has a positive effect in protecting you from EMF radiation, the devices are really lite and come in many different sizes, shapes and can be used in many different and convenient ways to get protection from emf.  The shieldite products are also relatively cheap to buy which helps to get the protection you need at an affordable price.  The company that sells the devices appears to have some really great alternative products that could ad serious value to a persons longevity which I appreciate.  Check them out here.


The only problem I could see with the shieldite could be remembering to ground the product every 2 or 3 days but if you are the type of person who understands grounding to the earth you will appreciate the process.

Is The Shieldite A Scam?  Does It Work To Protect Against EMF Radiation And Electromagnetic Pollution?

I looked into both these valid questions which I think are answered quite well in the the science based shieldite videos here.

Shieldite TIP:

Make sure as soon as you get one to ground it straight away because it will pick up negative energy in the post!

I hope this shieldite review helps with your decision to get yourself protection from EMF Radiation one way or another.