Big Insurance Company Concerned About EMF Risk

emf riskIt is repeatedly claimed that electromagnetic pollution from mobile phone systems was not harmful to health.

Even infants today use tablets or smartphones to play, so they are constantly exposed to a Wi-Fi radiation.

Now one of the world’s largest insurers moved this issue back in the spotlight. The Swiss Re a leading global re insurer has rated the mobile phone systems in the highest risk level.

In addition to the Nanotechnology and chemical EDC (also called Endocrine disruptor chemicals).

Substances from the textile industry, the electromagnetic fields of the transmitting equipment and mobile phones are now considered as potentially high risk.  If these big insurance companies believe that there is a claim against emf damages then what does that mean to you and your family being constantly exposed.

EMF radiation is clearly a threat to the health of everyone, so much so that big insurance companies are concerned that even with their big budgets even they cant afford to offer protection.

Getting protection from EMF is now even more important than ever and since insurance companies can’t help you, this make your choices of emf protection your best insurance policy if not your only way to protect yourself from EMF radiation damage.