Electromagnetic Radiation – The Invisible Health Threat of Today

If you said to someone “have you got your emf shielding with you?” I’m sure they would say “what!”, “what are you talking about?”, and you said “you know, your emf protection to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation? They would then probably look at you funny and maybe even think that you were going mad.

But what happens is when you explain what emf radiation is and how you have an emf protection device, the persons face usually goes all serious in concern because on the surface most of us have already felt that something is wrong, that there is something that is unseen, even invisible that is affecting all of us but because it isn’t tangible, because you couldn’t see the treat, you have to assume that all is well, right?

Not at all! These days many people are becoming well educated on the dangers of not having an emf shield to protect their health from the invisible emf radiation coming from all over the world now with our massive electromagnetic age. The truth is magnetic shielding has been around for some time but was only really used by those that were exposed to larger doses that worked around things like medical equipment such as MRI(magnetic resonance imaging) and x-ray equipment and that was only because science already knew the danger of the invisible threat and the importance of electromagnetic protection in these work places.

Since those early days when science was experimenting with electromagnetic shields, it was all about shielding electromagnetic radiation with a view to limit large doses of emf radiation coming from larger industrial type equipment from those that were close to the emf radiation, but today we basically have that radiation all around us in both the large doses and a lot and I mean lot of smaller doses which has produced a wave products to help people as individuals protect themselves from the unseen danger.

So although the emf radiation can’t be seen, there is now a mountain of ways to measure emf and protect yourself using a personal emf protection device. So what’s a emf protection device? The bottom line is that while back in the day science already knew that exposure to electromagnetic radiation was dangerous enough to go and invent magnetic shields to protect those around the invisible threat today the exposure is far to great for the problem to be shielded from all of us because we all have devices in our homes that produce emf, so now we are all forced to protect ourselves using personal radiation shielding.

These personal emf shielding devices are usually compact devices either made to carry around as Jewelery and or become ornaments in our houses.

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Remember just because you can’t see the treat, that doesn’t mean it’s not there, emf protection devices can change your life, if you want to feel the difference then take action and get protected today.